The UK electronics test and debug event for boards and systems..


A3DI – the next generation of inspection for BGA and SMT

A3Di is a new concept in inspection of BGA and SMT components offering a robust absolute measurement system using Laser profiling and patented BGA inspection. a3Di is used both in production and in off line rework areas with simple programming and near zero false call rates.



Low cost JTAG Tools for Hardware Validation

Traditional JTAG/Boundary-scan tools used in production testing use sophisticated automatic program generators that can be costly. Low-cost, yet still powerful, tools now exist to serve the design community and those with a small-scale production need. See how JTAG can help you with your next board ‘bring-up’

(James Stanbridge - JTAG Technologies)



Choosing the Right Connectivity for PXI Test Systems

Modern test systems are typically built using high performance PXI modular instrumentation. PXI offers outstanding performance combined with very high density I/O. Choosing the best electrical interconnection to the system is critical to ensuring the user maximises the performance potential of their system. We explore different connections options available for PXI based test systems to ensure the best performance, value and scalability. (Gary Clayton - MAC Panel)



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